The 3 reasons why

I selected a career in the environmental arena, since as much as humanity has tried to control and own nature, we depend 100% on ecosystems!

  • No photosynthesis –> No oxygen –> No humans
  • No soils–> No food–> No humans
  • No trees–> No water –> No humans

On top of that, I have lived and witnessed the effects of pollution in my personal life, and in my community, which made me more sensitive towards these topics.


I was only 3 years old. I could not understand at that moment why I spent weeks and weeks, including birthdays, holidays and new years eves in the hospital.

Asthma, due to the bad air quality in Mexico city, where I was born.

This completely shaped my life. Me and my family were obligued to moved to another city, where the air quality was better for my weak lungs. The new city helped. But, while growing I was always careful and aware about the environment around me.


What a trip! A visit to the public landfill in my (new) hometown.

I would never forget that smell. Have you ever forgotten food in the corner of the refrigerator and found it after weeks? Well, that’s perfum compared to the strong, and pervasive smell of such a place.

Completing the picture of tones and tones of garbage coming in every minute, there were groups of people, men, women, even children, separating and trying to recover some materials that they could sell for a few pesos.


I lived close to one of the main rivers in my city, the one that ends up in the second largest lake in Mexico. Every year, I’ve seen entire families loosing everything due to terrible floods. Not without saying the tremendous amounts of pollutants, including E. coli a bacteria found in feaces, on that water.