International development cooperation

I was part of the team who implements the Dutch International Water Ambition (IWA). Mexico, is a focus region due to the water-market potential. Such a policy is implemented through a financial mechanism called Partners for Water. I contribute in strategic organization and administrative processes of the NL-MX collaboration. Also, I provided technical assistance to understand better the Mexican context, which is key for international development cooperation.

International water-climate projects

Integrated water resource management for flood prevention

The state government of Oaxaca (Mexico) was interested in developing adequate plans for flood prevention, and urban resilience. Such need created the momentum for a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of the Netherlands, to fund projects with such an aim.

I advise the cooperation in regards:

  • Negociations for the funding agreement
  • Procurement process, from ToR develoment, until evaluation and contract of the selected consultancy
  • Understand the local governance and context

Integrated coastal zone development

A seaweed bloom took by suprise the South-East cost of Mexico in 2018. Immediate actions where required to reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts. The Government of The Netherlands financed pilot projects to understand the possibilities of the seaweed management in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

I advised the collaboration in regards:

  • Factors that facilitate or hinder the NL-MX international cooperation
  • Governance studies
  • Practical policy recommendations


Formal agreement for water cooperation between the Netherlands and Mexico

Research with policy recommendations for practicioners

Better understanding of the local context


Contract management

International negociation

Policy research and recommendations