Sustainable development consultant focused on water and environment

I have over 5 years of experience in environmental policies, water management and governance, with a special focus on promoting collaboration between sectors, such as academia, governments and industries.

I thrive in working in diverse and multidisciplinary teams with colleagues and partners from different cultural and professional backgrounds.

My main skills include project management, stakeholder engagement, planning, executing and evaluating projects & sustainability strategies.

I am totally committed to catalyse strategic collaboration and drive change to reach sustainable development

«I build bridges between sectors focusing on the relation between social and technical matters to reach sustainable development«

«The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it»

Robert Swan

Areas of expertise

• Water management
• Environmental governance
• Water, sanitation and hygiene
• Environmental law & policies
• Strategic planning


• Project management
• Multi-sector collaboration
• Business models
• Capacity building
• International cooperation


Along my career I have developed a framework to guarantee that people are involved, facilitating dialogues between sectors and groups with diversity of backgrounds, so specific sustainable development goals can be reached. In other words, making change happen!

International development cooperation

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I am a natural coordinator and mediator. By listening, organizing and setting strategies I lead teams and work with teams for diverse environmental and social purposes.
• Using participatory methods
• Detecting of challenges and strengths
• Defining and implementing strategic plans

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